What Clients Want?

WebWell once upon a time I was a client. Now I get to help my clients deal with these questions.

  • How On Earth Can We Get Everyone On The Same Page?
  • If Only We Had One Clear Roadmap!
  • We Can’t Afford More Expensive Advisors & Not Increase Performance
  • We Need To Really Be A Leadership Team
  • We Don’t Have A Clear Strategy Or Vision
  • How Can We Multiply The Value Of Strategy?
  • We Know We Need Engagement As An Enterprise – But How?
  • Not Solving The Wrong Problems Really Well
  • Change Hasn’t Happened – What Now?
  • We Lack That Big Idea & The Right Way To Communicate Our Value!

And so it goes on.

We hear these challenges all the time. I’m sure everyone in the field of business advise hears these things repeatedly. When I was a client I felt these pains directly. The thing I discovered though is that unless the frame in which we consider these is correct then we can make huge errors in getting after the solutions to them.

The only way to resolve these issues is to approach them with the following philosophy and approach

  • A rich appreciation of the context – both recent, current and historic.
  • A holistic framework within which to consider all aspects of the system of business
  • Being rigorously impartial in the way that the thinking is done within the chosen framework.
  • Getting the right people involved and having consistency right throughout the process.
  • Not using niche experts until the framework begins to surface the real issues.
  • Ensuring that when the strategy is beginning to emerge it is shared with the wider enterprise as soon as possible.
  • Developing a common language, a glossary of terms with clear definition and clearly understandable by everyone.

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