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I’ve got a vision for what I do.

It hasn’t really changed in 15 years. I’m forever questioning it. Can it still be right? Do I still think it’s a big enough vision? Is it still valid? You can decide for yourselves.

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Put simply we are -

“Changing the way we think and work, by using logical structures, visualization and the combined thinking of the people involved.” (Take A Look At The Other Pages Here – ‘My Work’ For Example)


My vision is of a world where people stop solving the wrong problems really well. Where people are supported in far better thinking by tools and a basic philosophy which helps them. This helps them stand back and view their purpose and intentions in context and against the whole system that they operate in.

A Simple Credo


The vision suggests that people are often too close to their situation to be able to really see the right solution.

It also suggests that (only) by physically and visually engineering this ‘whole system’ can we expect the entire enterprise (the folk working in it) to see their role and contribution. This vision rests on a simple principle: Creativity in total impartiality (non vested interest) in the outcomes – the agreement to engage niche expertise only when we have developed an agreed framework that describes the full context and the clear intention and direction of the business.

The definition of creativity is summed up in our Manifesto:

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  • Explorate September 9, 2012

    I can relate to that…thougth often hard to live up to it

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