10 Things They’ll Never Tell You At Strategy School.

  1. The people who ought to be involved won’t allocate the time you need to do it right. Their day job will get in the way – overtaking your more important strategy work.
  2. There is never enough time to actually get it right anyway. The world has moved on.
  3. There will be as many definitions of the word strategy as there are people involved in the making of one.
  4. There are too few generalists available – with the broad knowledge required – inside and outside of each case.
  5. It’s really hard to break down behaviours at the same time as building up confidence in the new behaviours that will be required to change the old behaviours.
  6. Far too many leaders have read books on how to create strategy.
  7. There are nowhere near enough good leaders. (Or books)
  8. Strategy is something that ‘is’ – if it’s done properly it’s alive and ‘being’ – it’s not a thing – it’s not something that is described in a document. If it’s in a document it’s not a strategy.
  9. Strategy is the wrong idea anyway. It’s how a business needs to behave and work that matters. (See Point 5)
  10. Strategy school doesn’t exist.


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