Burning Mankind

Burning Mankind

I was wondering about humanity.

Actually more specifically I was wondering why I seem interested in helping it. Then I thought – actually i’m not, and frankly it’s a ridiculous idea. May the vast majority of it be taken by the scruff of its unthinking neck and burned in near Earth orbit.

I don’t know who said this but if you do let me know because they deserve credit for the insight – “Let go of relationships that do not serve you. That means negative people, dishonest people, people who don’t respect you, people who are overly critical and relationships that prevent you from growing. You can’t grow as a person, if you don’t have people in your life who want to grow with you.” And so it goes.

I’m letting go of my relationship with the whole of humanity. 

Sure I care – but increasingly not about all of humanity. I certainly don’t care about the silent few lurking behind the net-net gross curtains of Wall Street. I’m not inclined to line (any further) the slithering pockets of those deep trousered reptiles basking in the shallows of the Cayman Islands. 
Cayman Islands
[Caption Hint - (CLICK) The Cayman Island Is Pictured At That Size For A Reason]

And as sure as eggs I’m not wasting my time caring about the blood-sucking, dumb-assed, self-serving political regimes – all those that rule us in the West these days. I’m no longer purchasing anything from the exploitative and laughable media or the hundreds and thousands of enterprises that care little about their workforces, natural resources nor their unthinking consumers.

I don’t much care about many of the people I met as I travelled for a few days break recently either.


The parents who couldn’t control their tempers, digestive systems or their spoilt children – happily spraying wet biscuits directly into my face. I definitely don’t care about people who don’t care about the above – it dramatically reduces the numbers of those who would be crazy enough to want to grow with me too.

I care enormously about everyone else – that section of humanity that actually cares. Those who care about what actually matters and are doing something about it. This small but growing section of humanity are those that have thought about it for more than a short while and actually want to change the order of things. Mostly deliberately doing so outside of the system.

Burning Man

Just one phenomena to be greatly admired. It’s grown a culture that’s guided by Ten Principles.


They say it was ‘crafted as a reflection of the community’s ethos as it organically developed’ – drink to that. And they are -

  1. Radical Inclusion
  2. Gifting
  3. Decommodification
  4. Radical Self-Reliance
  5. Radical Self-Expression
  6. Communal Effort
  7. Civic Responsibility
  8. Participation
  9. Immediacy
  10. Leaving No Trace

“They were forged in the furnace of celebration but extend well beyond.”

Think about the 10 – they reveal serious clues as to what’s currently wrong with the world. As a test consider their opposites – you will soon get the point.

To those that care:

Continue to be subversive, work magic, quietly provoking – being ingenious and stealthy. Disrupt. Sure-footedly exploiting whatever cracks we can find in the concrete walls of stupidity. Using humour and guile add a slice of difference to society. Joining up like minds – activists for intelligent life on this planet. Burn.

I believe that platforms of such connection will gather critical mass. Built on ideas and notions like open data for everyone. By some means we will be able to join up in some meaningful way – not yet imagined – then we can properly change things.

We will tackle the bereft education systems and the sick financial stranglehold of the despicable few on their islands - together with the daft political morass that surrounds us all. Then we stand a chance of realising what humanity should be about – relight the fire of creativity and good in all of us. Well most of us then.

Until then I’m focused on those who understood what I just wrote. Oh and lighting some fires.

May the bridges I burn light my way.
Burned man

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  • Soz August 23, 2013

    Love it and you! And it’s just made you another fan. You may yet see yourself translated into French on FB (unless you ping to say no of course)! xxx

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