Customer Excellence – The Framework


Everyone is talking about what it takes to create a great customer experience.

Everyone is also starting to insist (as an example) that great customer experience has to work on a mobile phone. Whilst that’s true, and we would argue that that it is very valuable indeed, it’s still but a part of the whole story.

Creating An Excellence Framework


The following 12 dimensions are a small part of how we have created customer excellence with our clients. They are what we believe are really crucial to start to think through REAL customer excellence.  They represent just some of the modules that we need to understand deeply and that need to be joined up as a system of things for a truly powerful and sustainable strategy.

See how well you answer them.

1. Can We Describe Our Strategic Business Intentions And To What Extent Does Customer Excellence Drive The Outcomes?
2. Can We Measure Customer Excellence? And What KPIs Would Tell Us That We Are Achieving Them? What Are The Metrics That Would Move the Needle and Ensure That Were Indeed Excellent?
3. What Are The Standards & Principles That We Will Set & That Will Drive Excellence Both Directly and Via Partners (Indirectly)?
4. What Are All The Touch-Points Through Which We Can Cause Customer Excellence?
5. What Are The Segments, Traits And Other Attributes That Will Define Our Desired & Target Consumers?

6. What Are The Critical Moments Of Truth Mapped So That We Can Anticipate Customer Need In Order To Create Compelling Customer Excellence Experiences?
7. As A Result Of All The Above What Are The Products & Services That Intercept The Key Moments Of Truth? (Arranged By Segment Or Key Cluster)
8. What Are The Specific Value Propositions & Message Strategies Related to Each Touch Point & Each Segment?
9. What Are The Design Criteria Of All Of The Above To Enable Us To Design ‘Excellence’ At Any Point & Via Any Channel Or Media?
 10. Are We Clear What Dynamics Are Critical To Understand As We Aim To Hit The Moving Target Of Changing Consumer Dynamics?
11. Can We Connect The Implications Of All Of This Into One coherent Strategy?
CEF New v4 MR
CEF_LogoAnd Customer Excellence is but a part of the whole story – in the context of the rest of the business.

  1. The people that deliver it
  2. The technologies that support it and …
  3. The processes and systems that will enable it.


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