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Organising Thought

There are really only two drivers in business.

  • A Challenge
  • An Opportunity

It’s only ever either one or the other. But there’s always the need for thoughtful preparation.

My challenge to you. What’s missing?

A – Design The Common Purpose. Get commitment to the purpose of the enterprise. That means everyone in the organisation – all those who have a vital part to play. Sign them up to it and in turn to far smarter ways of working and governing the process of making it all real and meaningful.

B – Visualise What You Feel The Future Holds. What will it actually look like. Like really. And know, with clear definition, how you and those who are impacted will judge success.

C – Staying Mindful Of The Dynamics. Understand the rich context – the moving forces around you – your ability to leverage this and be confident within it – this is what will make you unique.

D – Design & Plan For The Big Picture. Then approach the journey in logical and connected steps. Everybody needs structured steps, knowing what is achievable in measurable stages.

E – Think About Value From Every Perspective. Always thinking – always considering everything from all points of view. Always thinking sustainably. Always thinking.

F – Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate. Plan and implement in the most collaborative way you can – make it engaging and inclusive. Generating inspiration, awareness, consciousness and accountability for everyone involved.

G – Courage. Be brave. That’s leadership. Don’t gloss over the challenges – denial only ever yields short-term comfort with long-term pain.

H – Communicate – Communicate – Communicate. Communication is two way. Engaged minds is the aim and the only ambition.

Facilitate Complexity

  • You need the right equipment to whip that challenge into shape – mount that opportunity
  • You need to overcome any fear of the digital world. That’s the one we live in.
  • There has to be structure & logic to calculate the right outcomes
  • There must be an approach that ensures buy-in and engagement combined with powerful deliverables.
  • Deliverables of every kind because we have media, channels and devices of every kind
  • For thought to be useful there needs to be relevant stimulation. It needs to be in a context that makes sense to everyone
  • There must be objective and impartial facilitation of all the known moving parts. All reasonable context and possibility
  • Change and opportunity demands a powerful and proven framework for collaboration

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