An Act Of Pure Visualism


Visualism, like vandalism is about doing the thing.

So being the vandal, so being the visual – living and breathing the fire of it. Going around places with an attitude and just doing it. The act of it. The art of it. The deliberate force and passion of it.

I’ve created a whole site in honor of it here.

I’ve built the site as a poem.

It’s about ideas and energy. It’s not destructive. It’s constructive. It’s the belief that it must be done and lived in that moment. It takes no prisoners. It is an animalistic act of power and will.

OK so I’ve made the word up but that’s because it didn’t exist. I felt it wasn’t good enough to be visual. We have to know it carnally. We have to let the chemicals into the mind and the body. There can be no half measures.

The Poetry Of Visualism

Breathe So As To Think
Think So As To Learn
Learn So As To Speak
Speak So As To See. Live

That Artful Contemplation
Surfacing Thoughtful Connections
Firing Illumination
Actual Creation

Mischievous Curiosity
Catalytic Imagination
The Demise Of Same Old
At The Edge

Positive Disruption
Constructive Activism
The End Of Same Old
Weaving Stolen Goods

Building Holy Grails
Fresh Blood
This Valued Conflict
An Utter Fascination

Nothing off limits. Nothing.
A Grace Of Facilitation
New Wonder From Optimism
That Naked Truth

A Forensic Abstraction
And Nothing Is Real
Spirited Selfish Passion
That Flesh Of Reality

Absolute Expression

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