The Path To Resilient Thinking


Not being like everyone else – that’s good right?

Individuality. Hell Yeah!

Being a stand out kinda person – that unique ‘always referred to’ type of person. It makes a difference to everything. We certainly can’t guarantee that we can get there – and for sure it’s not for everyone. In business though this can mean to win. It can be everything – differentiation, the aspirational word on everyone’s lips.

With differentiation we can stand out. Competitive advantage. Success.
Everyone understands this idea, and creativity is one of the central capabilities required. That’s where it gets interesting.

It’s hard to create a different position in a market, a different product or service, an individual way of selling and supporting your customers and unique customer experiences if you don’t get down and creative. Oh and if your entire business doesn’t work that way. Doh!

You can’t just ‘do’ new and different things – it requires a complete shift of mentality. You have to actually become different. It has to be a wholesale change in your behaviour. Behaviour in the total enchilada sense of the word. It’s a shift from saying you believe in the idea – to embodying it in everything you do.
When you are a business it means the whole firm and that can be a very long and very painful journey.

It will mean changing a lot of things including many of the people. It certainly involves dramatic change in the appreciation and consciousness of those in charge. That probably means you. In particular those with the responsibility for designing how the business thinks and works.

People ask me what I do – I shrink back in horror at that question – not because I can’t answer it but because the questioner wants something sharp and crisp. It needs to resonate with and conform to their context immediately.

It’s a puzzle because I have a whole mentality over what I do – and that’s not one thing – it’s a lot of things. My own approach to what I do isn’t simplistic – but at this level it’s simple – change the way business thinks and works.

This chimes particularly badly with the popular idea that you need a simple statement – I would never get away with what I want to say – I don’t do – I am.
Changing the way the world thinks and works requires the mentality of resilient thinking and Resilient Thinking Is Critical Thinking.

  • Think About The Business As A System.
  • Understand The Organizational Energy Required To Win.
  • Dynamically Connect The Business To Its Full Context.
  • Create An Active Operation.
  • Identify Meaningful Information.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano

It’s no longer an option.

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