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It stands to reason doesn’t it that everything is connected? Life eventually teaches us that one thing leads to another. (Da Cosa Nasce Cosa)

In thinking about this in relation to our world of business it’s especially relevant. However when thinking about ‘business as a system’ people often find the complexity rather too big to contemplate. The idea that the whole system of business while it’s obvious logic, defeats the human mind to fully embrace. We just cannot consume it. This phenomena creates problems in ways that actually increases problems and causes more frustration and risk.
resilience arch snap2This is the daily conundrum for every business or enterprise.
The traditional solution has been to cut the problem of operation into pieces by creating divisions (sales, manufacturing, finance etc) which then create their own isolated processes and thinking. Eventually developing their own cultures, language and behaviours. The problem is without knowing how to join it all up again in order to function we fail. It’s dysfunctional and not most effective.
resilience arch snap3When the world brings all its pressures and challenges to this fragile assemblage it cannot cope. Unlike a system in nature it fails to be able to bend and adapt as a whole.

Something that is resilient can withstand internal and external pressures and challenge. A challenge might be a shift in public opinion or technological progress. Pressures might be stakeholder opinion and shareholder return just as much as it could be competitor threat and customer dissatisfaction.
8DisciplinesLogos3Our #resilience architecture poses two challenges all of its own.

  1. Can you achieve a #resilient business in this era without tackling the 5 Platforms?
  2. Are you prepared to work through the 8 disciplines if you want to become a #resilient business?

It’s A Structured Framework?
WebThe magic of a structured framework is that it speaks. It has a special way of asking us to leave nothing of value out while reminding us to properly understand what’s in.
We challenge you to test us on this.

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