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Who Cares?

We live in conflicting, agressive and difficult times. It’s probably always been this way. However it’s still our responsibility to push back on that which is plainly inequitable. Living in a Google search, always on, everything available HD, Wifi, cappuccino world. Yes but…


Do we really care that our frenzy for profit maintains and promotes a global rich/global poor imbalance?

Do we really care that the so called civilised west starts wars in our name that have no likelihood of solving the problem within fundamentally opposed cultures and societies?

Do we really care that we have so little say in the systems that we have to live within – even though they may be plainly inept or corrupt?

Do we really care that our lives are moving so fast that we so easily justify and dismiss the needs and inequities of our own fellow species?

I’m not saying everyone but the only word that works is WE.

I think we do care but we lack the tools and mechanics that can make the big difference.

Helen-Vine-Vicissitude-600x834So Perhaps We Need An Uprising. 

An uprising happens when there is significant inequity. Inequity that boils your blood, raises your hackles – gets your goat. In an uprising there is a grass roots ground-swell of gut emotion and raw feeling. It’s an incredible energy and can move mountains. We need to create it – embrace that awe inspiring energy – engage the silent majority. In a positive way. All of us that would want to put an end to (let’s say) poverty, corruption, corporate greed. That would be an amazing achievement.

Is there anyone out there who would disagree?


So what would it take to create that ground up situation?

Leadership? Personal Awareness? Media Commitment? Community Engagement? Real Recognition Of The Causes? Well all of these – and more – but if we don’t get far more people, ordinary every day people – us all – to THINK about the issues at a real and human level then it could take centuries.

Start a project – build your dream – achieve your mission – create a local movement to do good. Society working together to improve the community. Transform lives.

Have Fun. Do Good!

In my search for the business models of the future I am convinced that these kinds of solutions are poised to make a massive contribution. Well done Walk Free. Well done Thrd Place. Well done Flight Car. And while they lack sufficient understanding just now Kickstarter and IndieGogo have proven the newer paths. In my search for the most outstanding innovations in business models it’s great to see Thrd Place emerging.

Take a look. Think About It.

And if you find others please send me links here!


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