Entangled In Energy


Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 explains that everything is made up of energy.

We all use energy to live, survive, create, progress or indeed make anything happen. However energy is another of those words that can confuse – it needs careful definition.

A Definition Of Energy

For us energy means momentum – the potential – the force that exists within us and everything around us.

  • Energy all adds up to make everything that we know exist.
  • It makes the whole world ‘real’ – in ways that mean we can physically recognize it
  • It forms us as individuals and also the complex and ever changing environment we live in.
  • Energy exists in all of the things that we touch and experience.

When you really think about it energy creates all the challenges we have as humans. These challenges add up. They ensure that opportunity exists for those that can understand it and risk (fatal death traps) for those that can’t.

So, everything in every system (the largest or smallest enterprise/organization/organism) and in all our bodies are made from energy – everything around us is energy. If we don’t understand what is going on then we will be constantly behind the curve. We have to operate as if we are in some way in control or at least respectful of energy. We are connected with each other and everything around us. We are thus entangled. Everything we do, how we behave and how we think and feel is governed by the result of how we channel or understand that energy.

A shift in one part of a system creates an energy that builds an effect that causes shifts in the parts next to it and in turn they cause shifts in the parts next to them. And so it goes on.

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