The Idiot T5 Security System


Taking great pleasure telling me that his friend died at Lockerbie – missed my point completely. My rage was complete. I was trying to explain that his process would identify nothing at all other than how fucking stupid the system is.

A fast connection between our inbound flight from Africa and the NYC take off was critical. For the 5th time in as many days yet another random 1 in 5 search of certain objects in a random bag using a random test so superficially ad-hoc that it made my blood curdle with anger.

Imagine my joy - my bags gets selected (again) for such an utterly useless search by a total dullard who knew nor cared for more intelligent systems and approaches to catching actual perpetrators. He knew how to push all my buttons though.

Have they ever found anything in these ridiculous games they play? Err!… Click

45 minutes later after missing the concealed AK47 I made it to the plane. Surely there is a more intelligent solution to this other than allowing a pack of numbskulls loose with our human rights?

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