Photography – The Real Revolution


Why does it surprise me – photography is now everywhere.

The power in everyone’s hands is now immense. I carry Leica’s and love every pixel of them – but hardly use them other than for work and I use the iPhone 5 almost exclusively – every day to create ‘moments’ that I want to keep or share.

This infographic only captures Chapter One. Read on below it

What really interests me though is that the technology used to drive things – you would need to know so much about the aperture, speed, the type of film or pixel size – lighting would be the beginning and end. Now it’s possible to change everything after the fact.

The Lytro is a camera that allows you to focus after you take the picture. The Lytro Light Field Camera doesn’t capture ‘pictures’ in the way the current camera does – it’s capturing information about where the light is traveling. This ‘information’ can then be turned into a picture – a series of pictures with different focus points. OMG – now what! Can’t Wait!

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  • Andrew Napier November 18, 2012

    Agree 100%. Fascinating stuff. Visual communication can be so much richer than verbal – and above all it is instant. Thanks for pointing out Lytro – I will explore further. It may open up even more possibilties!

  • John Caswell November 19, 2012

    I was in Singapore and saw the Lytro but the shopping experience was so rubbish I didnt get one and now back in London cant get one!!…let me know if you have any luck locating stockists and we will compare results!…stay close Andrew!

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