Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


Why Must I Be So Misunderstood?

Ha! Well there are many valid answers to that but a big one could be because I choose to spend so little of my time explaining why I feel the way I do about something – anything really. It’s not because I don’t try – in fact it’s because I have tried – then realised the feat I was trying to pull off was just biologically impossible.

To be fully understood is not ever going to happen. So I have stopped trying (maybe I have gone too far the other way – ha!). People are now free to walk on the other side of the road – so indifferent am I to wanting/needing them to fully understand me.

To sit someone down with a massive box of popcorn (really massive) and make them watch my entire life’s visual and aural soundtrack so that they understand what makes me me just ain’t gonna to happen – so so be it. That’s it sorry – make some effort to accept what I am now or let’s not even say hello.

And in truth – biological truth – that’s what it would take – joined into my brain for all of my life by some crazy diabolical apparatus to properly get me.

One’s visual consciousness – an amazing thing to behold

The biological explanation of visual consciousness in humans is that the brain produces the best current interpretation of the visual scene in the light of past experience, either of ourselves or of our ancestors (embodied in our genes), and to make this interpretation directly available, for a sufficient time, to the parts of the brain that contemplate and plan voluntary motor output, of one sort or another, including speech.*

So listen up – my words represent the whole of my life’s experiences. Unravel them and you get to understand who I really am. And good luck with that.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – our impression that at any moment we actually see all of a visual scene very clearly and in great detail is illusory. That’s partly due to our ever-present eye movements and partly due to our ability to use the scene itself as a readily available form of memory. And that’s because in most circumstances the scene usually changes little over a short span of time.*

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*Biological source: Francis Crick/Christof Koch The Salk Institute, Computation and Neural Systems Program. California Institute of Technology

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