The Agony Of The Visual Mind

Visually Minded

Cracks of intense flame and breaking rock thrash insanely the black void inside the volcano. The noise and heat – the searing fear tearing through your senses. The black explodes with white, red and yellow hatred.

You can’t touch any one aspect of it without losing a part of your body. Your mind is a mess of choices – run, cower or think – and think hard about what decision to make – the impossibly ugly flow of molten lava rises up to engulf you unless you can build some structure to rise safely above it.

And that structure often reveals itself at the very moment that the hellish liquid touches the flesh for the first time. That heat sparks an idea and that idea is the first step towards your mechanism for escape.

Searching for that excruciatingly mercurial idea – one that unlocks the breakthrough and sparks the creativity to solve an impossible situation is what drives every professional thinker.

It’s not a new idea to stand back at a tough situation and scan it properly but there are major reasons to understand why this is now vital.

The quantity of Information is now an infinitely large and unstoppable flow of lava. Within it lie the answers to every business problem and will give the brave the success they seek.

This incredible amount of available data means that comprehending it requires a ‘visual mind’. It’s now no longer possible to understand and manage the flow any other way. A visual mind is one that can sort, filter and arrange all the ideas stimulated by the data in real time – precisely as you are reading and distilling the signal from the noise.

Listening to the sound the patterns make forms impossible constructs in your head. The visual mind wants to capture the diabolical mess of the structure and mould it as it commits to the canvas and change uncontrollably as the mind takes control and fucks with it again.

Like every creative before you the canvas is a terrible disappointment but it’s there and as your mind returns fresh from a distance every imperfection glares back at you and shouts – improve!


  • Melinda Gracias August 12, 2012


  • John Caswell August 12, 2012

    Good to see you here Melinda – fellow volcano wrangler!

  • Carel Meyer August 14, 2012

    the last bit in bold – resonates with me

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