Other Than That?

Other Than That

We have developed some fairly very strong opinions about business over the last 30 years. We hate opinions as we think they are usually a lie dressed up as a fact. But what do you think?

  1. We think that traditional methods of consulting are not helping businesses.
  2. We think that critical thinking is not going on in most businesses.
  3. We think that businesses are not organizationally designed for success.
  4. We think that businesses stifle creativity and innovation and don’t know how to use it.
  5. We think that the future demands participatory and more socially engaged business models.
  6. We think that the traditional model of agency and consulting seeks to create business for agencies and consultancies. It solves just any problem – not necessarily the right ones for the clients.
  7. We think that the usual process of creating strategy is broken.
  8. We think that technology is misunderstood – it’s either extreme – a panacea or an immense overhead that is sidelined. Both are dangerously wrong.
  9. We think that the areas of mobile strategy, UI/UX and customer data are likely to transform the landscape and create entirely. new leaders/brands. The trouble is very few companies understand this.
  10. We think that new methods of transaction and commercial innovation will transform the idea of the business. The trouble is very few companies understand this.
  11. We think that methods of creativity, opportunity creation and solving problems in business through meetings, brainstorms and retreats is actually broken and wholly inappropriate.
  12. We think that in business today there are a huge problems in behavior and culture left unattended.
  13. We think that leadership is (mostly) at best mediocre ensuring that the motivation of people is at very low levels.
  14. We think that the attraction of talent and the new capability required to win in the modern era is hit and miss and going to undo many businesses.
  15. We think that brand is the biggest, most confused and most misunderstood aspect of business.
  16. We think that the words, definitions – the semantics – the very language of business is causing huge issues and mostly being left unattended.

Other than that!

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