What’s All This Nonsense About Truth?

Truth Drug

(Rant Alert)

Well if you are a big corporate then these will be familiar but if you are a small entrepreneurial business then hang on as these will soon be familiar.

What is the truth about Business? Well currently the majority of them are dysfunctional in their design. Why the divisions? Why the duplication of countless processes and systems? We are no longer designing organisations that make railways. So why do we still have the urge to maintain hierarchical command and control structures that force divisional structure and silo mentalities and cultures that strangle the enterprise and the very idea of it. Catch my drift?

What is the truth about Data? Do we actually have data that speaks the truth? Do we ask the right questions? Do the results of our enquiry (research) get biased by our judgments and perspective? Is the data so sanitised that it is meaningless? The comments on blogs and websites are always a fascinating read. That will more likely tell you about the product or service than trying to decipher the body of text from the company. Like they are going to tell you anything dodgy? Ha! Not a good bandwagon to catch.

What is the truth about Innovation? Well if I’m in the least bit creative and innovative would I want to work in a large besuited, coma-inducing culture of ‘no!”, ‘let me think about it’ – and ‘maybe let’s not’. That’s the catch.

What is the truth about Culture? Well unless you are lucky corporate culture can eventually bore you to death. It can take so long to change because of invisible and unwritten laws that have been handed down by now deceased people who wore hats. It is like an invisible anesthetic – but the problem is it’s an open secret and therefore everyone talks about it like they are now confident talking about same sex marriages or a sexually transmitted disease. But nothing much changes. I’ve got a bus to catch.

What is the truth about Creativity? Most businesses are unsure what to do with it, how to recruit for it – but of course say that they want it until they see what it will actually mean in terms of the work that it requires. The reality is it is what every business needs right now and good creativity means having the right environment for it to flourish. Catch 22. 

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