140 Characters. Or Less is More.


You might not have guessed – but I really like the discipline of Twitter. It forces me to shove my head into spaces it doesn’t want to go. And while the result isn’t ever quite Shakespeare it does have a mojo all its own.

For example -

TWEET: The singularity is a highly profound notion – you can readily see that – because (ironically) it’s such a divisive concept.

I liked the irony in that but it failed – I knew what I was trying to nudge at. Mostly I was on the rampage about all the luddites around me that won’t even open their minds to the possibility of the positive aspects of the idea. You know like world peace – the survival of the species and fresh discovery for humanity, increasing our knowledge and the resolution of all forms of poverty and plague! Whatever.

TWEET: People don’t want additional complexity – naturally enough – until they realize that when it’s understood it actually removes it.

Anyway. Subtlety is probably not too good an idea on Twitter. Mostly because it’s all gone in a flash and rather like the great question around a tree falling in the forest – if there’s no-one around to hear it then the tweet probably doesn’t actually ever get heard anyway.

TWEET: Society is not a thing it is an effect. The more we try to manipulate it for our own ends the more we lose it and the very value of it.

Being profound is another ambition rarely accomplished. I know it’s in there somewhere but the 140 character rule teases and the small window on the smartphone lies to us as to how brilliantly profound it actually isn’t.

TWEET: The culture of the street is the baseline. Designing anything without at least recognizing the street is to underestimate our era

Being down with the kids is just a no go area if you want to remain somewhat cool – but understanding them is the future. They are what we all were a short while ago and look what a freakin mess we made. the quicker we get out of their way the quicker the change we all need can occur.

TWEET: Leadership is knowing how to say no to ‘great advice’ in a way that leaves the door open for the right answer.

(Apologies to all the consultants out there)

And then there is the recurring theme. Oh boy do I have recurring themes. I guess everyone does but my themes recur more than most. Even that is a theme.

Airport systems, stupid systems, social systems, systems systems and the leaders who seem to be incapable of understanding systems. And then thinking, systems thinking, design thinking, integrative thinking, creative thinking and the leaders who seem to be incapable of thinking.

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