A Cold Wind In August


Is it me or is TIME just slipping by in rapid time. August for goodness sake!

Things to do to make time slow down:

  1. Reduce the number of times you look at your e-mail at the same time increase the number of people that the only way to get hold of you is on Twitter
  2. Make a habit of doing long-haul flights that involve long layovers in ill equipped airports.
  3. Think about and wait for the time when politicians make sense and aren’t simply describing the opposite of what the opposition are saying.
  4. Read the USA Today and (at the same time) watch the ad breaks on US TV.
  5. Say yes to dinner parties and actually go with the intention of listening to and engaging with the small talk.
  6. Move to East Anglia (A region of the UK) and learn to play crown green bowling and buy a budgerigar.
  7. Spend all day on Facebook writing stuff and waiting for replies.
  8. Write lists of things and make blog posts out of them.

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