Why I Don’t Like Infographics


Look at this first picture for a few moments and you will know – and also because the majority aren’t like the one below. They fail to get the actual message across.

Evolution of the F1 Car from Ruf Blacklock on Vimeo.

Well seriously mostly because they are making people lazy.

A massive 95% of them are utter rubbish – worse they’re just a set of crappy Power Point slides stitched top to bottom and that go on and on – for a very long way down the page. Boring you to death with banal data and meaningless out of context tat!

Before investing or suggesting in doing one how would you fare with these simple questions?

  1. Are you sure this is the right format to display the type of information and data you have?
  2. Have you considered what is the right format to display the type of information you have?
  3. Are you qualified to answer Questions 1 & 2?
  4. Do you know anyone who is a qualified Information Designer who can answer Questions 1 & 2?
  5. Would you know how to choose a qualified Information Designer? (Hint: Not likely to be persuaded to take the 17,000 word document and stick it into a very long portrait document).
  6. If at all unsure on the above please don’t clog up the internet with rubbish because no-one is impressed.

In all seriousness we have to be careful because we certainly don’t want to stop the rise and rise of visual and data visualization that the world desperately needs. And there are BRILLIANT information graphics and very clever smart designers doing great work in this field. Some of the best here:

We just need to cut down on the sponsors of poor quality.

Oh and that’s not just in Infographics!


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