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I know it’s becoming a regular theme here at blogsville – but it’s seriously doing my head in. Whenever a word or an idea becomes understood by everybody it (just as quickly) becomes highjacked and then devalued by everybody.

Social media is a good example right now. A complete bandwagon with no wheels. Software platforms and very clever applications now hijacked by businesses trying to suggest that they are social. Well I got news for you – you are not social just because you stuck a bit of software onto your business.

The other thing that drives me mad (although I’m at a complete loss to know what to do about it) is the concept of facilitation. To me facilitation is one of the most significant and valuable things that you can do with your clothes on.

Trouble is the ‘brand’ – the word, the idea – the sound of facilitation sounds so soft and meaningless that it is perceived as low value. People say we just want someone to turn up for a couple of hours and facilitate!

Where is my AK47?

Like you could just do that! No wait. It would be great. Imagine!

Facilitator: “So, please explain how you are feeling right now.”
Audience Member: “What? We have been fighting each other with heavy casualties on each side for 8 years.”
Facilitator: “Well let’s capture some of your ideas on this flip chart.”
Audience Member: “My idea is that you are taken out of this room, sliced up and parts of your body are distributed amongst your family.”
Facilitator: (Somewhat breathlessly) “Well what if I hand out these Post It’s and you just write your thoughts down?” Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, I will create a space on the wall.
Audience Member: “Can you stand still at that wall for just a second?”

I know it’s all the facilitators fault, just like it’s every skilled persons fault that they don’t take more pride in the standards of their discipline. And disciplines like this are infiltrated by charlatans and cheats who should not be awarded the title.

Question is do we fight to get the definition back or come up with a new name? One that can be policed and protected?

OK let me facilitate that.

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