7 Reasons Why It’s Not The Journey


So it’s been a long trip. 3 continents and 100 hours of travelling. I love the destinations but I now hate the travel bit. Odd really because in most everything else I do it’s the whole journey bit that liberates the creativity in me.

That suggests that the travel journey lacks some vital ingredients these days.

Fo sho!

1. The generosity of those around you disappears when travelling. It seems everyone is totally just out for themselves.

2. The lack of contact – eye, mind, spirit and emotion. “Don’t come close to me! I will maim you.”

3. The idea that it has been designed to work. Like at all. The whole place, space, system and experience is not designed for humans.

4. Lack of valuable information. It seems that unless you are a professional detective then you had better just be lucky. If anything goes wrong the likelihood is that you won’t know about it until you arrive in the worng place and without your luggage.

5. The space and time to think quietly. The whole idea of travelling seems to come with an acoustic hell all it’s own.

6. The assumption that I’m permanently shopping. While it may seem like it – I’m not – so please get all this dreadful tack out of my way. I’m not a ‘thing’ to be sucked dry by your samey bland rubbish at every turn.

7. The realisation that we are indeed simply sausage meat. Designed to be processed with little or no taste or regard to our civil liberties.






  • Alaina Love July 23, 2012

    I feel your pain, John! There should be a battle pay premium for any project that requires travel!

  • Ivo July 23, 2012

    Great post John. It is clear I am not there yet! Still love the journey… :-)

  • Ruth Nicholson July 23, 2012

    John – I, too, am increasingly cranky and frustrated with the travel portion of the work. The airlines and the US-TSA still vie for the monthly award of who can be more discourteous….and I still manage to carve out a couple of things each trip that are just for me – treats (non-edible) that I save for my trips alone. It doesn’t totally abolish the travel aggravation, but it gives me small things to look forward to. The travel is still worth it…and so is the journey. Warm regards, Ruth

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