Loving Travel Again! (Well the comedy of it)

loving travel again
So the App finally arrives to aid weary air travellers. Great.


Actually the BA Application does work and while it’s got the utility to recognise you, check your bags and all that – someone needs to tell their staff and systems that they have it.  As you file towards the ‘thing’ that scans the traditional paper ticket you see the attendant squirming with apprehension of what to do with an iPhone. Instead of scanning it they turn round and hit a key on their desktop and then tell you to show it again to the flight crew – who in turn just look at your phone and wave you on. So what’s going on? Could I be anyone with a weird barcode on a phone?


Hey I am not complaining.


What I am complaining about is the seriously expensive ‘check in friendly’ new bag that supposedly means I don’t have to take my prized Mac out of it’s duvet and place it precariously in a grubby Tupperware box for x-ray. It worked fine in T5 but despite me pointing to the instructions saying it is check in safe the idiot in Geneva said I still had to take it out. Fucking idiot.


Did I really believe that global airport systems would align on this? Stupid.


Anyway the last few months has seen me witness 39 check ins (writing this in mid-air) so I know what I am talking about. Actually no I don’t. I have come to realise that I have no freaking idea what to expect or how to navigate any check-in, any customs or passport check – anywhere – ever. It’s always diferent. You would think that would be exciting or interesting right? Nope.


As regular readers know I am a big fan of travelling but the leading opponent of airport systems. Well now they just raised the game. So check this – Armed with an iPhone and a suitable Airline App we can now add another feature to entertain us throughout our travels – battery failure at check in.



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