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Creativity comes from peace, agony and mystery. It is the devil to the god of negativity. 

Creativity springs from a deep well – an invisible space with sprites and elves constantly drilling for tangible intangibility.  When it strikes it brings a blinding flash of a disturbingly satisfactory nature. You cannot put your finger on quite where it arises (or why it arises). You wish you could. Surreality. 

Creativity doesn’t come happily from rote. It shuns dogmatic/conditioned procedure. Creativity requires disciplined indiscipline. It is not safe.

Creativity despises process. It doesn’t come from tedious, samey or witless conversation. It doesn’t come from battling `to-and-fro’. It runs from those constantly agonizing folk who just want to disagree for the sake of it or defend through vinegar lenses their precious limited view of what’s not possible. Creativity shrinks from this negativity and caution. It loathes the immediate pouring forth of  ‘risk’ or `NO’.

Creativity needs no boxes and no rules.
Creativity loves to challenge boxes and break rules.  That’s its job. That is what creativity does best. It cannot be restrained.

Creativity is about humor and mischief.It thrives on the curious – the different. It is a mingling of things. Often not new just repurposed. Creativity requires that spark and thrill of something borderline. Bizarre. Not quite right. Then right. 

Creativity is what if, not “What?” It is about the other side of now. It is about “Could we?”It lives in the art and guile of the optimist and in the mind of those who want positive change.  At any cost. There are casualties and there are the bad times. That just drives on the creative to kill with creativity. 

Creativity is a drug. It is habit. It is not possible to get clean. See? Indefinable.

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